Gowing $40

Sources of Chinese Tradition WM. Zubrick $40

Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology Tarbuck, Lutgens, Tsujita $35

Physics for Scientists & Engineerings volume 1 & 2 with workbook Douglas C. Starke $20

Environmental Economics (Canadian Edition) Nancy Olewiler, Barry Field $55

Financial Accounting (Canadian Edition) Libby, Short, Kanaan, Gowing $30

Precalculus Michael Sullivan $30

MicroEconomics (Canadian Edition) Richard G. fellmann $55

psychology carole wade, carol tavris, deborah saucier, loren elias $90

Psychology & Study Guide Carole Wade, Carol Tavris, Deborah Saucier, Lorin Elias $40

Keys to Success Carter, Bishop, Kravits, Maurin $20

Marketing – An Introduction Armstrong/Kotler/Cunningham/Mitchell/Buchwitz $50

Management Griffin/Singh $45

A Passion for Identity – Canadian Studies for the 21st Century David Taras, Beverly Rasporich $50

Seeing Ourselves – Classic, Contemporary, and Cross-Cultural Readings in Sociology John, Nijole, Bruce $40

Cognition Mark H Ashcraft $50

Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind David Buss $50

Physics for Scientists & Engineers- VOLUME 1 & 2 GIANCOLI $50

Kwantlen [CMNS 1140] Checkmate Pocket Guide (ask for a picture if needed) Joanne Buckley $5

Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology Bryan Kold,Ian Whishaw $75

Human Memory: Structures and Images Mary B.Howes $50

Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity Spencer Rathus, Jeffrey Nevid, Lois Fichner- Rathus, Edward Herold, McKenzie $80

Psychology Carole Wade, Carol Tavris, Deborah Saucier, Lorin Elias $60

A Canadian Writer’s Reference Diana Hacker $35

The Act of Writing: Canadian Essays for Composition Ronald Conrad $10

Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. Nist/Carole Mohr $5

[Math1140]Calculus -An Applied Approach w. CD Larson/Edwards $50

Psychology Carole Wade, Carol Tavris, Deborah Saucier, Lorin Elias $60

Sociology: A Brief Introduction Haaland & Schaefer $45

A Country Nourished on Self-Doubt Thorner $50

A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers Billstein, Libeskind, Lott $45

Cases in Leadership W. Theodore De Bary, Richard Lufrano $30

First peoples in Canada Alan D. Bonkowski $18

Flesh and Bone Myriam Nafte $30

Biology Neil Campbell, Jane Reece $20

Management Information Systems Stephen Haag, Maeve Cummings, Donald McCubbrey, Alain Pinsonneault, Richard Donovan $30

Physics John Cutnell, Kenneth Johnson $50

Business Ricky W. Widmaier $25

Snow Country Yasunari Kawabata $15

Kitchen Banana Yoshimoto $5

Understanding Japanese Society Joy Hendry $20

Mise en Pratique Alain Favrod, Louise Morrison $30

The World Economy Souza, Stutz $40

An Introduction to Language Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Neil Hultin, Harry Logan $25

Contemporary Linguistic Analysis O’Grady, Archibald $30

Macroeconomics – Canada in the Global Environment Michael Parkin & Bade $50

Mangement Information Systems (personalized edition) Wood/Machado $60

Marketing Strategy Schnaars $30

Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation Penman $80

Strategic Management + case book Hitt $35

Principles of Business Economics Nellis and Parket $65

Business Law In Canada + lecture notes Yates $65

Ethical Theory and Business Beauchamp $30

Fundamental Accounting Principles (Volume 2) Larson, Jensen $65

Psychology (2nd Canadian Edition) w/ Study Guide Carole Wade, Carol Tavris, Deborah Saucier, Lorin Elias $45

Essay Essentials with Readings Sarah Norton, Brian Green $45

Essentials of General Chemisty Darrell Ebbing, Steven Gammon, Ronald Ragsdale $40

Bridging The Gap – College Reading Brenda D. Sharer $35

essentials of statistics for behavioural sciences [sixth edition] Frederick j Gravetter, Larry b. Sharer $35

The archeaology of death and burial Mike Parker Pearson $35

Women and the Criminal Justice System Katherine Stuart Van Wormer and Clemens Bartollas $25

Marketing and Introduction Gary Armstrong $65



The Prentice Hall, Molecular Model Set For Organic Chemistry n/a $30

Managerial Accounting Garrison, Noreen, Brewer, Chesley, Carroll $80

Organizational Behaviour Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Currie $65

Organizational Behaviour Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Currie $65

Organizational Behaviour Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Currie $65

Organizational Behaviour Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Currie $65

Organic Chemistry T.W. Ragan $30

MicroEconomics (Canadian Edition) with Cd & Study Guide Richard G. Smith $35

Thresholds in Reading (Canadian Edition) Martha Grace Low&Aida A. Silberberg $110

Starting Out With C++ From Control Structures through Objects Tony Gaddis $100

Philosophy Goes To the Movies Christopher Falzon $30

Managerial Economics William F. W. Ebert, Frederick A. Yellowhorn $30

Biological Anthropology (Canadian Ed.) Stanford, Allen, Anton, Lovell $60

Administration of Criminal justice in Canada compiled by Wayne Burns (instructor) $30

Basics of Research methods for Criminal justice and Criminology Maxfield & Babbie $50

International Business Wild-Wild-Han $30

Psychology Wale $40

Principles of Marketing philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Peggy H. Samuelson, Stephen G. Griffiths $60

Calculus An Applied Approach Larson, Edwards $30

Financial Accounting TOOLS FOR BUSINESS DECISION-MAKING Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso, Trenholm $30

Foundations of Clinical and Counseling Psychology Todd & Bohart $40

The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination. Levine $15

Treffpunkt Deutsch E. Quinn $100

Managerial Economics Samuelson & Marks $100

Microeconomics McConnell, Bure & Barbibero $50

Essentials Microsoft Office 2003 Brief Fox/Metzelaar/Bird/Mulbery/Toliver $60

Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis Horngren/Foster/Datar/Teall/Gowing $90

Tomorrow’s Technology and You Beekman/Quinn $70

Express: A brief guide to technical and business communication David Ingre $25

Study Guide wfor use with Principles of Microeconomics Frank/Bernanke/Osbert/Cross/MacLean $40

Management Information Systems for the Information Age Haag/Cummings?McCubbrey/Pinsoneault/Donovan $100

Custom Program for CIS CBSY 2205 MS Office Access 2007 The Prentice Hall $25

Consumer Behaviour Schiffman/Kanuk/Das $60

Getting started with VBA Grauer/Barber $15

Business Essentials Ebert/Griffin/Starke $40

Business Law in Canada Yates,Bereznicki-Korol,Clarke $50

bridging the gap(college reading) Brenda D.Smith $50

Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso, Trenholm $50

Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, Fourth Canadian Edition Horngren, Foster, Datar, Teall, Gowing $85

Student Solutions Manual T/a Cost Accounting 4th Canadian Edition (Paperback) Horngren, Foster, Datar, Teall, Gowing $20

Management Information Systems for the Information Age, Third Cdn Edition Haag, Cummings, McCubbrey, Donovan, Pinsonneault $55

Principles of Macroeconomics Mankiw, Kneebone, McKenzie, Rowe $50

Regional Geography of Canada, The Robert M. Rosen $30

Calculus – Early Transcendentals Single Variable James Stewart $60

Open Boundaries: A Canadian Women’s Studies Reader Barbara A. Griffin, Ronald J. Lipsey, Christopher T.S. Rosemarie Widmaier, Fritz T. Snell $20

Differentiated Instructional Strategies Gayle H. Earle $110

Chemisty – The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change with Sudent Solution Manual Martin S. Teall, Maureen P. For more book details, or to contact book seller please go to ww.LOCAZU.com Thank you! Cunanan&Francis J. Paul Hunter, and Kelly J, Mays $40

Leadership Theory and Practice! Public Relations Campaign Strategies Robert Kendall $10

Managing Public Relations James Grunig, Todd Hunt $12

Corporate Communications for Executires Michael Goodman $9

Theories of Mass Communication Melvin DeFleur, Sandra Ball-Rokeach $10

Beyond Disruption: Changing the Rules in the Marketplace Jean-Marie Dru $9

Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer Curt T. 11th Canadian Edition McConnell, Brue, Barbiero $55

Organizational Behaviour. Smith $30

[ELST0281]Ten Steps to improving College Reading Skills John Langan $20

[ELST0283]Lecture ready 3 Laurie Frazier/Shalle Leeming $15

Improving Vocabulary Skills Sherrie L. Lipsey, Christopher T.S. Graham Solomons, Craig B. anthology anthology $18

The Jade Peony Wayson Choy $15

Sociological Theory: Classical Statements David Ashley and Michael Orenstein $40

The Norton Introduction to Literature Alison Booth, J. PETER G.NORTHOUSE $50


Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context Knox, Marston, Nash $65

Microeconomics McConnell, Brue, Barbiero $45

Criminal Justice in Canada Colin Goff $70

75 Reading Plus Buscemi.Smith.Wiznura $50

Abnormal Psychology Spencer A Rathus/ Jeffrey S Nevid $10

The Philosopher’s Way John Chaffee $50

contermporary topics 1 Frazier $15

Open Forum Academic Listening and speaking 2 Angela Blackwell $15

the Atmosphere Frederick Lutgens, Edward Tarbuck $75

Chemistry Silberberg $80

Discovering Our Past, A Brief Introduction to Archaeology [forth edition] Wendy Ashmore, Robert J. Lebauer $30

Creating Meaning Hannah Friesen/Kathy Block $35

Improving Vocabulary skills Sherrie L.Nist / Carole Mohr $20

Books also used for nearby schools: UBC, SFU, Langara, BCIT, VCC, UFC, Capilano College, Douglas College Giancoli $110

Engineering Design Graphics James H. Robbins, Mary Coulter, Nancy Langton $85

Consumer Behaviour Schiffman $85

Essential Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences Gravetter & Wallnau $50

Canadian Criminology Today – Theories and Applications Frank Schmalleger and Rebecca Volk $10

Canadian Criminal Justice A Primer 2nd Ed Curt T. Whitley & Kite $60

Human relations: Interpersonal, job-oriented skills DuBrin & Geerinck $55

The Psychological and Social Impact of Illness and Disability Dell Orto & Power $80

Human sexuality in a world of diversity Rathus, Nevid, Fichner-Rathus, Herold & McKenzie $65

Women, Politics, and Public Policy: The Political Struggles of Canadian Women Newman & White $40

Of Silk Saris and Mini Skirts: South Asian Girls Walk the Tightrope of Culture Handa $15

Management Stephen P. Brief Edition Behrens & Rosen $20

Psychology. Fryhle $45

The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual: A Student’s Guide to Techniques James W. 2nd Canadian Edition Wade,Tavris, Saucier & Elias $45

Microeconomics. Ragan $30

MacroEconomics – Canada in the Global Environment (with Study Guide) Michael Parkin, Robin Bade $35

MacroEconomics (Canadian Edition) with Study Guide McConnell, Brue, Barbiero $30

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Foundations of Economics 2nd Custom Edition for Kwantlen $5

Algebra Review Michael Sullivan $1

Cost Accounting – A Managerial Emphasis Charles T. Crow and Lise Gotell $50

Colour of Violence: The incite! Glenn Rowe $45

Financial Accounting – The Impact on Decision Makers Porter/Norton/Chesley/Song $50

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Geography of British Columbia Brett McGillivray $35

History of the Canadian Peoples Margaret Conrad, Alvin Finkel $55

Mosaicos – Spanish as a World Language Castells, Guzmán, Lapuerta, García $90

Russian Grammar James S. Lipsey $45

Management of Human Resources Gary Dessler, Nina Cole, Patricia Goodman $25

Business Communications Essentials Bovee, Thill, Schatzman, Scribner $35

Business Essentials Ebert, Griffin, Starke $45

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Management Robbins, Coulter, Langton $25

Business Law Yates, Korol, Clarke $75

Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Office Excel Anderson, Sweeney, Williams $95

Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Application Hummelbrunner, Coombs $95

Management Information Systems for the Information Age Haag, Cummings, McCubbrey $110

The little Brown Compact Handbook Jane E. Peter G Northouse $50

High Efficiency Selling Stephen Schiffman $10

Tomorrow’s Technology and You George Beekman, Micheal J. Fryhle $90

Study Guide to accompany Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition T. Datar, Howard D. Aaron $15

Chemistry – The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change Silberberg $80

Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Laurence Behrens, Leonard J. Fryhle $15

Study Guide to accompany Organic Chemistry, 8th Edition T. Gregory, Carolyn Chapman $50

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Managerial Accounting Ronald W.Hilton $50

Leadership Theory and Practice! Griffiths and Alison Hatch Cunningham $20

Classics of Criminology Joseph E. Cunningham $40

marketing An introduction Custom edition Greg Armstrong,philip kotler, peggy cunningham, peter mitchell $40

Print Preview: A Guide to Academic Writing Success Elizabeth McMahan, Robert Funk, Brian T.W. Canadian Edition Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Currie $45

Intermediate Algebra Johnston, Willis, Lazaris $45

Microeconomics Perloff $60

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn Roni S. Mckenna $20

Sociology: A Brief Introduction Haaland & Schaefer $45

Sociology: A Breif Introduction Schaefer, Haaland $70

Information Technology for Management Robert Wood, Marcelo Machado $80

Ethical Theory and Business Beauchamp, Bowie, Arnold $65

Information Technology for Management Robert H wood/Marcelo Machado $45

Basics of Criminology& Classics of Criminology Thomas Gabor& Joseph E Jacoby $55

Cultural Anthropology, With No Direction Home, Hidden Heads of Households Robbins&Larkin, Marni Finkelstein, Mary Lorena Kenny $55

Business In Ethical Focus Fritz Allhoff and Anand J Vaidya $45

Communication Principles for a Lifetime Steven Beebe, Susan Beebe, Diana Ivy, Shannon Watson $60

Widening the Circle Mara Sapon-Shevin $15

Behavioral Support Rachel Janney & Martha E. Horngren, George Foster, Srikant M. Jacoby $25

Canadian Criminal Cases Selected Highlights Simon Verdun-Jones $25

Criminal Law in Canada: Cases, Questions, and the Code Simon N. Marks $120

Human Geography Norton $60

Sociology A Canadian Perspective Tepperman / Curties / Albanese $60

Elements of Sociology : A Critical Canadian Introduction Steckley $35

The regional geography of Canada Bone $40

General Chemistry & Soln Manual Ebbing, Gammon $100

Custom Precal & Study pack RVP Michael Sullivan $75

Marketing an Introduction Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Peggy Cunningham et al $55

Microeconomics Christopher T.S Ragan, Richard G. Way $40

Sociology; a Brief introduction Schaefer, Haaland $20

Political Ideologies & Political Philosophies McCullough $25

Leashing the Dogs of War Crocker, Hampson, Aall $40

An Introduction to Language & workbook Fromkin $65

ESLT0381 Bridging the gap Brenda D. W. Graham Solomons, Craig B. Wallnau $110

Skills Set, Strategies for Reading and Writing Lucia Engkent $35

Discovering Our Past.. Verdun-Jones $25

Basics of Criminology Thomas Gabor $20

Sociology: A Brief Introduction Schaefer | Haaland $40

The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler $10

First Philosophy Concise Edition Andrew Bailey $45

Canadian Criminal Justice Today Frank Schmalleger, David Macalister, Paul F.

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